Is chivalry dead in today’s modern dating world?

I don’t think so.

Okay, dating apps like Tinder and the act of swiping right isn’t exactly the stuff of Romeo and Juliet, more like a bad rom-com.

In fact, Aziz Ansari’s depiction of these types of apps in Master of None pretty much sums the whole experience.

An endless array of dates with a different person in the same restaurant.

But as well as swiping comes a new raft of emotions and actions like ghosting (just the worst) and sending nudes.

I was looking for a magazine in Magma in Covent Garden, but stumbled on these illustrations by Holly St Clair which I just love.

We Need To Talk - Holly St Clair 1We Need To Talk - Holly St Clair 2We Need To Talk - Holly St Clair 3

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