If My Life Was a Rom-Com, This Would Be the Soundtrack series is where I pick songs I think would make great songs in Rom-Coms. Inspired by 500 Days of Summer. The lyrics are like little Rom-Coms themselves.

This Must Be My Exit - Oso Oso | Rom-Com Playlist 1

waking up to your voice, such a pretty noise,couldn’t believe you didnt wake up with some other boy. im the last pick of all your draft picks, lining up my words so theyre all cleverly crafted but you, you can see right through.
and she thinks love’s this “sick little disease that attacks you” but i could fall deep in it every day if i had to.with you its so easy to drop all the things i had to do, oh its fine, never a waste of my time; i want a love where we stop going to church cause its boring, and sleep in on all those sunday mornings. the sun would creep in through the blinds, we would hide, underneath the sheets trying to find, one million ways to kill the time.

but i never really know what you’re thinking about,and i know ill never really figure it out, and all experience ever does is confirm my doubt,i wasnt convinced that i’d ever really come around. and its funny hows life goes, you know? likes there’s just shit i dont need anyone to know: like, this girl out there, somewhere, i dont know,but i wonder all the time if she ever misses the snow.

and all these i cant push out of my mind, like these visions of 100 twisted ways i might die. the view from there was kinda nice, action was kinda slow.

again, these are things i dont need anyone to know…..

‘i cant believe i thought i was safe in my most crooked shape, most vulnerable place…..and all that time i was hangin’ on your shelf, i was just running away from getting to know myself’

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