Here are the songs and bands I discovered in October.

Here are my highlights.

  • Why it took me so long to listen to Courtney Barnett I don’t know. I’m now seeing her play live in London this month and have bought two of her records.
  • Basement released another great single. Unfortunately, I feel the new album is mixed. There are some great songs, then some so-so songs which I’m really disappointed about as I was really looking forward having listened to the first few songs.
  • Swearin’ have a great punk rock sound, summed up by Grow into a Ghost, partly led by Allison Crutchfield. They’re playing in London in January.
  • Joyce Manor’s new album Million Dollars To Kill Me is slowly growing on me. Cody had some good tracks, but I do miss their punky sound, when I think they’re at their best. That’s why liking the pop song Big Lie surprises me.
  • I don’t listen to a lot of pop punk bands these days (except the classics), but Can’t Swim definitely stand out from the same sounding pop punk bands of today.
  • I love Macseal. They’ve only released two EPs so far but I love every song. They’re releasing a new EP and the first track is very promising.
  • I went to see the film Bad Times at the El Royale. It was really disappointing. But the soundtrack is so good and reminded me of my love of Motown. Just try not to dance to Twenty Five Miles by Edwin Starr.
  • Nick Mulvey came up on Spotify Radio. Mountain To Move is a beautiful track.
  • Antarctigo Vespucci songs are always fun. While I’m struggling to get into the new album, Freakin’ U Out is classic VP.
  • The album Lost Friends by Middle Kids is ridiculously good and extremely catchy indie pop. They’re playing in London in November.
  • Fuckin ‘N’ Rollin by Phantastic Ferniture has one of the funkiest basslines I’ve heard in a long time. And then the chorus kicks in and I just can’t be contained.
  • Alex Lahey songs are just fun. Her album I Love You Like a Brother will transport you back to summers when you were younger.
  • I’m really looking forward to hearing what Angie McMahon releases next. There’s only four tracks on Spotify, but they’re already hits.
  • That drum beat in Let Me Down Easy by Gang of Youths

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