I love the end of year Spotify lists. How accurate are they? I’m not sure.

For starters, they don’t really include all of December!

I have the last four years lists in one playlist which always makes it a go-to if I can’t think of what to listen to.

And here is my top songs of 2018.

My top artist was Kississippi who I discovered towards the end of last year, while she released her debut LP in 2018. 56 hours in total, that’s more than two full days! Read how Kississippi helped me move on from a bad relationship.

My 2018 in music 1

My love for Waxahatchee grew after seeing them live for the first time in 2017. It started with Out in the Storm first, then going back to previous records like Ivy Tripp and Cerulean Salt.

My 2018 in music 2

I also discovered Prince Daddy and the Hyena in 2018, who also helped me get over my bad relationship. Much like Kississippi, I like every song they’ve released so far.

I love Shannen Moser’s LP Oh, My Heart. It’s beautiful as is her voice.

Oso Oso is another band who can do no wrong having released two LPs. And I also discovered their EP under the moniker Osoosooso.

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