I finally saw Book of Mormon, Hamilton and Aladdin. And loved them all.

But if you’re only seeing big productions in West End theatres, you’re missing out.

Here are three productions I saw that I can thoroughly recommend and where to see them in London in 2020.

Oh, and they made me cry with laughter. Just a warning.

Operation Mincemeat

Move aside, Hamilton. There’s a new historical musical in town.

Operation Mincemeat is a story about the unbelievable plan to fool Hitler during World War II by the British, involving a briefcase containing secret documents unveiling the Brits operational plans. Which was chained to a dead body floating in the coast of Spain.

Glee, pop, rap, hip hop, doo wop, ballads; Spit Lip don’t why away from a challenge with composer Felix Hagan and his band backing them.

I lost count the number of characters there are in total, but it was pretty impressive for an ensemble of five (with equally impressive accents to match).

Catch Operation Mincemeat at New Diorama Theatre, Tuesday 14 May – Saturday 15 June.

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Badass Be Thy Name

Badass Be Thy Name shows you don’t need expensive props or staging to tell a story.

With a prop budget of probably £20 or whatever they could find in charity shops, Police Cops deliver an unpredictable, laugh-snorting hour that’s full of weird characters (think Mighty Boosh), laugh a minute punchlines (think Airplane!) and parts that are downright plain stupid (think talking butts…).

It’s 1999 in Manchester and Tommy is fed up with his call centre job. Time to get smashed and out of his face on drugs to the soundtrack of 90’s rave then! But the appearance of something other worldly sends Tommy on a curious adventure into the unknown.

An inventive and energetic physical comedic performance, Police Cops get through a tremendous amount of plot points, fight scenes, ‘costume changes’ and choreographed numbers. I could have happily watched them for another hour.

Catch Badass Be Thy Name on Monday 27 Jan – Saturday 1 Feb at Soho Theatre

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And Wolf shows you don’t need any props or even any other actors to tell a story.

Lewis Doherty plays 30 hilarious characters including Detective Patrick ‘Nobody calls me Patrick’ Wolf who’s avenging the death of his partner, Jay Walker.

Even though Doherty only has a chair and couple of small lights as stage props, you know exactly what action he’s conveying such is his acting talent and creativity.

It’s almost as if Doherty watched every 80’s and 90’s detective film, noted every trope, mashed them together and turned them up to the extreme and to create the ridiculous Wolf.

See Wolf at Vault Theatre Festival on Friday 20 March

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You can also see Lewis’ other work, Boar and Hawk Saturday 21 – Sunday 22 March – I am!

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