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Best Scavenger Hunts in London

Looking for something a little different from escape rooms? Or perhaps a cute date idea?

Scavenger hunts still have that mission of finding clues, but out in the wild. So it’s more difficult and there’s a very likely chance of getting lost.

Here are the best scavenger hunts in London

V&A Musuem

The one about history

The V&A Museum is huge. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s an amazing staircase or the world’s first museum cafe. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should play V&A Secret Seekers.

You’ll learn all about the buildings grand and super interesting history and little details you’ve probably never noticed before. Challenges are told through important figures in the V&A’s history (I recommend doing impressions).

Great for adults as well as kids. And best of all it’s free. Just visit this url on your mobile.

The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat

The one that’s themed around Alice in Wonderland

A fun text game with the Cheshire Cat, using your mobile which involves wandering 3 miles around central London for a few hours (unless you don’t realise that every wrong answer you submit incurs a time penalty and start making joke answers which add up and your official time is 11 hours…).

The riddles are super fun and clever and great value for an evenings entertainment at £23 per person.

The Murder of J. Conway – Hyde Park

The one in the park

Get ready to do your worst Scottish accent:

‘There’s been a murder’.

Can you solve the mystery in an hour?

We didn’t. Skip a question and you incur a 10 minute penalty. Some of the questions are real thinkers too! 

Great for sunny weather and a (brisk) walk around Hyde Park, it’s £10 per person.

Agent November

The one with the thrills

Reasons you’ll want to play. You get to make up an agent name. You get a walkie-talkie. Your whole group gets to wear a pork pie hat.

Teamwork is key as the questions are pretty difficult, but it can also get super silly at times (wearing pork pie hats help). 

We went on a team day out and can definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a fun work thing. Our scavenger hunt was based around the British Library area.

Again we failed (I’m seeing a theme here, maybe I’m a subconscious mole…). Agent November is £120 for up to 8 detectives.

Natural History Museum

The one that’s educational

Animals for the win!

This takes about 2-3hrs to finish so you see and learn a lot, even taking me to areas I didn’t know existed!

There’s some really interesting and fun facts you’ll learn on the way so definitely one for the animals lovers out there.

It only costs £7.49 too. Or you can make your own hunt for free too.


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